Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just a Hi

It's been awhile. I'm in a funk and that really keeps me from wanting to write. Add to that writers block...well maybe that's from the funk. Either way I can't think of a topic and I don't especially feel like writing.

I'm going on a retreat tomorrow overnight and it's the 1st time I've been away from my mom took the boys once, but then I was with hubbie, so that doesn't fully count. I'm actually quite scared. I'm going to miss my kids and I hate sleeping away from home. And I'm very shy and I'll have to meet new people and share a room with a possible stranger. All my stress points are being hit and I wonder why I volunteered to go...because I have to push myself to try new things, that's why.

So wish me luck and I hope I make it. Hope Chris does too, his very 1st time putting the boys to bed on his own. Plus he has to take them to daycare and school and pick up CW from school and take him to daycare. Yup, I think I'm more nervous for them.

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