Sunday, February 7, 2010

Avatar Official Movie Website | In Cinemas December 18

     Today I went to see Avatar for the first time.  Chris says it’s an “anti-war film” and I can see that.  But that’s not what sticks. Oh yeah **SPOILER ALERT***

  What sticks with me is the way the people, the Na’Vi, plugged into their world.  They weren’t just living there, they were part of it, they plugged in. The horses they rode, the animals they flew on…they connected to them all.  Even the trees.  Ewah was who they named, it was the energy source flowing through the planet.

     So as I see how they connect, how they strive for balance and to live without taking I cried.  What have we done?  Is the thought in my head.  When did we stop living and start trying to achieve that richness that is totally meaningless?

     I mean, who decided that gold was worth lives?  Who decided the value of the dollar?  Or any other currency? Who decided that we have to push ahead at all costs…profit no matter what…and why did we decide to follow?

     I don’t know how much I can do to change.  But I will start moving myself and my family as green as we can afford on our very limited budget.  Baby steps as I go.

Avatar Official Movie Website | In Cinemas December 18

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