Monday, February 8, 2010

The Monday Melee « fracas

1. The Magnificent: Name someone you absolutely adore, and tell us why.  I adore this quiet time in the morning.  Staying home with my 2 boys is great, but it also means I am rarely alone and even more rarely with adults.  I enjoy the quiet time to think and feel like a grown up, after all I’m still trying to figure out what that is.

2. The Muddy: Tell us something about life you just don’t “get”.  I don’t get how a person can put their own carnal urges before the needs of their children.  You made babies, sorry if you feel you missed out on something but grow up, they need you now.  You can play when they get bigger.

3. The Magnetic: Name something or someone good (or bad) you’re drawn to and you just can’t help it. Tell us if you want to change this or not.  Music…I want it playing all the time.  I have no talent to play, but Chris says I deserve some credit for being able to listen.  I don’t want to change it, it is so pleasurable and doesn’t hurt anything or anyone.  I only wish my son would let me listen in the car sometimes.

4. The Mainstay: Who or what is something you just can’t live without? Why?  I cannot live without the Andersons.  They are family more so than someone I was born related to.  They are good to my family, they took in Chris…or should I say kept him…when he had no place else to go.  They helped him get into college and even pushed his ethics to new levels.  They love my kids as their own grandkids.  I love to visit them and will not give them up.

5. The Masquerade: Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t already know.  A big part of my motivation this round with Weight Watchers is that my husband’s cousin signed me up.  I can’t fail, because she worked so hard to get this opportunity for me.  And I have to face her.  The guilt would be too great…and the shame…and it’s working.

6. The Mettle: Tell us about a time you showed courage in yourself, or tell us what you wish you had the courage to do.  When I ended my 1st marriage it was because I finally had the courage to be alone.  I had long before reached the point where I knew it really wasn’t working, but was afraid to be alone.  It took a great deal of self confidence to reach that point.  I wish I had that self confidence again…I seem to have lost it in one of my moves.  I wish I had the courage to find my faith and practice it on my own terms.

The Monday Melee « fracas

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