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The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil Mcneil

Warning, plugging another book I enjoyed. Sorry, but no one has sent me a book to review, so I'm still practicing on things I pick up to read. I do promise not to give up on a book and to give a fair review on anything I do pick up.

So, the main character Jo is going through a huge mess. Imagine finding out your husband has been shagging other women for most of your marriage and now wants a divorce, he leaves and dies in a car crash. She is so angry yet is supposed to play grieving widow. He also didn't leave them much other than bills so she must find a way to scratch out a living.

Hence the move to the sea. Her grandmother owns a yarn shop and has agreed to give it to Jo to run. It's a tricky move, the kids are unhappy at first, but adjust faster than Jo. She has to deal with an employee who has been at the shop longer than she's been alive who is against any and all change. But her biggest challenge is being left behind to put Daddy on a pedestal. She is rightfully angry because he was a pretty poor father yet the boys remember him as perfect. And what can she do? He's not coming back and she's a good person.

But it all works out. She gets the shop personalized, starts a Stitch & Bitch group and becomes the knitting guru to a famous actress. She helps rally the town and gets the students involved in knitting projects and history. There's even time for a little romance.

This is a story that weaves on and you could read it forever. There's going to be a sequel and I was excited to see that at the end of this book. I will caution though that there is a fair amount of cussing. If you can get around that, you will love this book!

*note: I was not paid for this review, nor was it requested. However if you do follow the amazon link above, I will earn a commission...I think. lol


  1. I think you should read, "Her Fearful Symmetry". I'm just curious to see if someone who seems to have the same reading taste as me thinks the same way I do about that book!

  2. I'm sure I'd love reading this book! You're a great reviewer, I hope someone soon send you their stuff for your sharp eyes! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia, thanks for stopping by with your sweet words.


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