Friday, May 14, 2010

Bringing up Salamanders: Litha Giveaway!

Nydia of Bringing up Salamanders is giving away one of her god dolls. She makes a wide array of god and goddesses and they are all wonderful. She doesn't know this, but I am thinking about slowly buying up a full greek set. I am also dying to buy a set of runes that she also handcrafts with felt and scented herbs.

On top of being crafty, she is a wonderful mom. I like reading her blog because she is the kind of mom I can only dream of being. She is so close to her little witch, she gives him room to explore, a safe place to feel and involvement in the community and family around them. Nydia is also close to her family, living with her mom who she has been helping since her surgery.

She writes a great blog, creates gorgeous crafts and is genrally a good person. So, go check it out for the giveaway, but stay for the posts.

Peace be with you all this weekend!

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