Friday, May 7, 2010

The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying

I had heard that this is a movie that all comedians wished they had thought of first. Nothing like that to pique the curiosity. I got my free RedBox movie code texted to me on Monday and I saw this was in. I had almost forgotten about wanting to see it, so I grabed it.

WOW! It's my new favorite movie. It begins with the explanation that this is a world where lying just doesn't exist, it's unknown. No one has EVER told a lie. Kind of funny, shows one guy saying "no I'm not sick, I just hate working here." Or "Oh what an ugly baby!" The main character is a loser, everyone tells him and he really knows it. He gets fired, and immediately is evicted from his apartment. So he goes into the bank to get the last $300 to his name. The teller tells him the system is down, but asks how much money he has. There is a pause to which he answers "$800" the exact amount needed to pay his rent. Then the system comes back up and she pulls up his account, he is terrified, knowing he's about to get busted for lying - while suprised at what he has just done. Of course it says he only has $300, and she appologizes for the error and hands him the $800. He is giddy!

So it goes from there, and it's not all fun and games. There are a lot of laughs, but quite a few tears as well. It was well written too. Ricky Gervais - the creater of the Office - wrote and directed this with Matthew Robinson. I like how they thought things through, like when he is telling his friends about his lie...there is no word for it. Not for thruth or lie...all he could think to say was "I said something that wasn't..."

It's a great story, lots of familiar faces in this, and it's a good laugh. Rent it, and enjoy. I ended up keeping it an extra night so Chris could see it - which means I happily watched it 2 nights in a row. I will be adding this to my DVD collection.

**I was not paid or even asked to do this review, but if you click the amazon link above, I may receive a commission.**


  1. I remember when it came out I was sooo excited I'm a HUGE Ricky Gervais fan :-) LOVE this movie!

  2. I wasn't before, but I am a huge fan now.


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