Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Melee--Fracas

The Malcontent: name something you are unhappy with. **I am unhappy with my house and economic status. I am sick of never having enough money, of having to feel the great stress every month. Last month Chris got a ticket that ended up costing $220 and added 4 points to his license. And I was so frustrated I cried for 2 days. I still don't think he was at fault, he slowed down to 25 MPH to pass an officer at a traffic stop, and the officer pulled him, ticketed him for not driving down the left turn lane. We were actually ahead of the game at that point for the first time in 4 years!!! And in one moment it was all gone. I don't even know what the points are going to translate to. So that's what I hate, never having enough money.**

The Meritorious: give someone credit for something and name it if you can. **The teachers of CW's head start classroom for making me the BEST gift I have ever received. For Mother's Day they had the kids make a calendar from May to December. Each month has a picture. The first one is CW with his arms outstretched and says "I love you this much...", then there's a picture and what he says the picture is. It was about the aliens that we talked about when we were out driving and saw a blocked off road. I said that maybe there were aliens back there and CW took off on an alien discussion. Then on another one there's some drawing and his writing "I Love You." which he says they helped him write. Another page says "I love my mom because she makes me chicken noodle soup." And finally a survey where he answered questions about his mom. He got my name right...I'm 10 years old, I love pink (not!), I don't have any brothers or sisters (I have 2 brothers but really only 1 he knows about), and the food I make best is "watermelon." Thank you to my son and his teachers.**

The Mirror: see something good about yourself and name it. **This is a hard one, especially when I'm feeling funky. I have pretty blue eyes. Honestly they are my best feature. Unfortunately they are hidden behind thick glasses.**

The Make-Believe: name something you wish for. **I wish my husband would get a good paying job with benefits in this area, but away from his current bosses. They are consistently mean to people and childish, and I just want distance from them. Also Chris has no future there. The raises will only go so far, and I'm sure he has reached the limit of that. There are no benefits and there never will be. There's no room for advancement, probably no more raises and never any benefits...I want more for Chris because he is worth so much more.**

From: and For some reason Fracas isn't working right now - which is a bummer as she has a very funny blog. The next one belongs to Anna and she's writing about herself, thoughts, feelings and ideas with no censoring. Go ANNA!!!


  1. I love your eyes too! :-)

    I hope that Chris is able to move forward in his career even if that means away from the current employers.

  2. I hope your days get brighter, Angela!

    Just left ana ward for you at my page.

    Kisses from us.


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