Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review - Metro Girl

Today I am reviewing Metro Girl.  This story is about Alex Barnaby, a girl who grew up rebuilding engines in her dad's garage, but chose the safe life of an insurance adjuster until she gets a mysterious call from her fun-loving and irresponsible brother who lives in Miami.  She goes to rescue him yet again, meets Hooker, a NASCAR driver who helps her find her brother and rescue him.  They have an adventure, she loses her job and remembers what she truly loves.

I really enjoyed the Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, so when I saw someone reading this it was like discovering a hidden gem.  Something new by Janet Evanovich, time I don’t have to spend waiting for her next book.  I enjoy her novels because they have good pacing and are funny.
J. Evanovich is a down to earth writer.  She writes in plain English, has great pacing, and keeps it so close to reality – even when going to the very unreal – that it’s silly.  Like Stephanie Plum always blowing up her cars, and bumbling thru her work.
This book is for someone who enjoys mystery/suspense, light reading and silliness.  J. Evanovich has been writing for years.  If you want to learn more, you can go to her website
If you enjoy this book you might want to wander to the next title in this series, Motor Mouth.  Also you can pick up the Stephanie Plum books.  I would also recommend Donna Andrews, who writes Meg Langslow books – which are even sillier.  And MC Beaton, who writes the Agatha Raisin novels and the Hamish McBeth novels.  They are mystery books and less silly but still funny and entertaining.

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  1. sounds interesting . I havent been reading alot lately . I have a stack of southern living magazines i want to go thru here soon . I did order 2 rug hooking books this payday ..used off of Amazon.. i am looking forward to getting soon


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