Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New TV?

I have been watching a lot of tv shows on my laptop and have begun dreaming of getting a new TV and that includes looking at TV stands for flat screens. I'm suprised there are so many out there, but have quite a few to choose from.

I then start thinking about how to stream from my internet to my tv. There are ruku boxes, blue ray players, and I think the xbox also streams.

What I do have is a laptop (thanks to the Andersons), internet (thanks to Frontier) and 3 old tvs (thanks to mom, the Hansens and a secret santa). The dream keeps going up in price. So I think my 1st step is to get a off bills...then maybe get a new TV and stand and blue ray player. Who knows....

Actually send some luck my way, I did apply for a good federal job in Lansing! - I think...which is really the issue, the website for the federal jobs are really confusing.

So in closing, go check out these TV stands for flat screens if you already have the nice TV. :)

(csn stores requested the placement of link, product reviews will follow in Jan.)

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  1. i hope you get the job !!!!!!! My tv is right at 20 yrs old :( hoping it makes it another year at least


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