Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Computers Galore

A few weeks ago my husband collected broken computers from his friend during a visit. He comes home, tinkers with them and all of a sudden we have 3 working desktops, 1 laptop and a netbook. Plus there's a big hard drive floating around.

Now what we need is a living room full of computer desks for home. The boys after all love playing on PBSkids and watching videos there. I think having a workstation for everyone would be terribly indulgent. But I also think it would be much more practical than a living room full of sitting furniture that never gets used.

I would like little desks for the boys, a minor workstation for me and a roving desk for Chris. I'm not asking too much, right?

(stay tuned for a CSNStores giveaway later this week)


  1. I think it sounds kinda awesome!!

  2. that is a great on the computers !!!!! My living room has the big worktable in it......i say have whatever you like in there !!!!

  3. hmmm sounds like my house :-) awesome!! not indulgent at all to have the desks/work stations. YOUR house, make it what you want and enjoy


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