Monday, March 14, 2011

Costume Super Center Review

Costume Super Center was kind enough to let me review one of their costumes. After much searching, we finally settled on Spiderman - I knew he would want that but it was fun to look. About the website I would like to say they have it organized great, it is easy to browse and you can also do a search if you know exactly what you want.

The costume arrived within a week of placing the order. Christopher was so excited he wore it from the time we got home on Thursday until it was time to dress for school on Friday. Seriously, he slept in it.
The quality is surprisingly good for the price. It has managed to stand up to solid play, ripping it on and off over and over, and even being slept in very well. Not even a thread is out of place. Much better than what we got at Wal-Mart - and that was going for the same price!
My only complaint is that I did ask for a medium and was sent a small. I was informed that there is a "liberal exchange/return policy" and you can read it in detail here: It is pretty good, and I like the idea that when doing an exchange, you are asked to order the replacement item first then you send back the return once you receive it. There is small print, but it is generally reasonable. And if you return 4 or more of the same item there is a 15% restocking fee. I think that discourages people from ordering the costumes to sell on their own.
So all in all I am so happy with my purchase. The size is true, we got the small and it fits CW like a dream. Last week we walked around CMU campus and CW made a lot of people smile. He got a free cookie and we even had a squirrel stop and stare. CW told me, "Mama! That squirrel thinks I'm the REAL Spiderman."


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  2. That Spiderman costume looks great. And your son is so cute with the squirrel comment!


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