Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review - Tin Man

I recently signed us up for Netflix. It has made vast improvements since the last time I belonged, lots of instant movies and shows to watch. Only $7.99 a month, add $2 to get 1 DVD at a time in the mail, too. We are all enjoying it. The kids are watching Oswald and Diego, Chris and I are enjoying Futurama and I am exploring all sorts of stuff.

I stumbled upon Tin Man a few days ago, and sat down to start watching it last night. It stars Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, Neal McDonough, Kathleen Robertson, and Raoul Trujillo. Zooey is basically Dorothy, she goes by DG (Dorothy Gale) and lives in rural Kansas with whom she thinks are here parents. After going thru a tornado the the O.Z., she meets Glitch (Alan Cumming) who isn't really a straw man but is missing his brain. They rescue the Tin Man - which is another way of saying police man who is played by Neal McDonough. The Tin Man is not missing his heart but is understandably limited in his openness. And finally they get their cowardly lion, played by Roul Trujillo who has a fantastic ability common to his people to see the future and read peoples minds.

DG is a long lost princess sent to our world until she reached a safe age and could come back and defeat her evil sister (Kathleen Robertson). She never felt she fit in, and she has these dreams that are increasing in frequency. And then her adventure begins. Will she find her parents, defeat her sister, get back her memories?

This was the best interpretation for the Wizard of Oz I've seen. I love the extra depth the characters have. The reality mixed with the magical. And the visual depictions were very pleasing to the eye. I think the cast spent a lot of time in a green room, but the results were gorgeous and sometimes haunting.

If you have Netflix - click the picture above and go see this movie. If you don't have it yet, they do offer a free 1 month trial. Honestly I think it is well worth the money. Much cheaper than cable, and while it does have to reload (sometimes frequently when using the WII), it is no worse than commercial breaks. And yes you can watch it on the WII, PS3, Xbox, computer, and networked TVs and Blue-Ray players. It says you can have up to 6 unique devices.


  1. I LOVED Tin Man. I wasn't as crazy about Alice, but Kathy Bates was in it, so it gets a pass.

  2. I enjoyed this alot fav version of wizard of oz actually !

  3. I haven't watched this yet! But the Tin Man is my favorite character of the Wizard of Oz, after the Wicked Witch of Course (I still think she got the short end of the stick). I'm sure going to watch it! Thanks for the review ;-)


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