Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review & Giveaway - Skipping a Beat

Skipping a Beat
by Sarah Pekkanen

Julia has been with Michael since she was 16 back in the small West Virginia town they both grew up in.  Her father with a major gambling problem that destroyed her family and Michael with a father that ignored the horrible teasing and beatings he received from his brothers.  No surprise his mother felt the need to leave that man.  So they both have their childhood trauma they want to forget, and a strong desire to get away from that town.

She is a successful party planner in DC and he is the multi-millionaire owner of an organic drink company.  They live in a house that she didn’t decorate, go to parties that she can’t stand and just float through life.  In fact, she is so miserable that she carries around a divorce attorney’s card.  Then she gets a call – Michael is in the  hospital and he had been revived after being dead for over 4 minutes.

Being dead changed Michael completely and changed the unspoken rules of their marriage.  He fights to win back his wife, and fully sees the man he had become – much to his shame.  They sort out a few HUGE misunderstandings…but can she forgive him for what he was and accept him as he is?

This is Sarah Pekkanen’s 2nd novel and she has a writing style where there is one central character that you really get to know, and then all the other characters that orbit around her.  Julia is our center, she has her husband Michael, her father and mother (whom she never sees), her quirky best friend Isabelle, a strange boy she meets in the park and his even stranger dog, and the evil lawyer for her husband’s company.  Ok, maybe not evil but…no he’s evil…Dale.  I love this style because you really get to know Julia so well, you root for her, cry with her, cry FOR her and even yell at her.  It really pulls you in because it mimics real life.  We are all the center of our own stories.

As I said earlier, this is Sarah Pekkanen’s 2nd novel.  She also wrote The Opposite of Me (which I also recommend).  She lives in Maryland with her husband and 3 boys, and is (according to her book jacket) a writer for Bethesda Magazine.  You can find her on Facebook and at her own website www.sarahpekkanen.com.  You must go read her bio at her webpage...it's a hoot!

Now lucky readers - since BookSparksPR (part of Simon & Schuster) accidentally sent me 2 copies, I have a giveaway open for 1 copy of this book.

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And since I am the one sending it, I will leave it open to international shipping.  Now start entering! Almost forgot - I will do the drawing at 7:00 pm EST Thursday March 3, 2011.

A big thank you to Sarah Pekkanen for the story and BookSparksPR for the books.
(I received a free review copy and have written this review as an entry in the Simon & Schuster Sweepstakes, the review is my own opinion and no payment was received)


  1. I LOVED this novel! Glad you enjoyed it also!

  2. I love your review!! Being in Maryland, I have a penchant for Maryland writers.. I'll definitely be looking her up. Thanks so much!

  3. I heart your book reviews. I'll put this title on my To-Read list. :)


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