Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Wow - 2 whole entries! I'm amazed.  Oh well, here is the deal.  I'm giving Kallan odd numbers since she commented first and Suzanne even numbers.  I'm now going over to dice roller application and selecting 1 die.
And Suzanne is the winner.  Kallan I have the copy I read for the review that I will be happy to mail you as a consolation prize.  :)  Send me your mailing addresses ladies and thank you for commenting!


  1. Hey there Angie,
    I'm glad Suzanne won :) I just love your blog and would have posted regardless of the giveaway. Hang in there sweetie.

    Big hugs and congratulations to Suzanne!

  2. YAY! Finally I've won something lol I think my last win was a Watermelon Eating contest circa 1975.


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