Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Witch Discrimination OK?

Carol A. Smith was allegedly fired from TSA for being a witch. I've read a couple articles on this topic and basically her coworkers were uncomfortable with her religious preference. Her firing was based on her refusal to go to mediation to defend and discuss her religion. She is quoted as saying "would have I have to go to mediation if I were jewish?" And that is a good point. Everyone would be up in arms if she were part of a "recognized" religion. Since she is a witch, we should just accept it.

What I find hilarious about these stories, is that by saying she was casting spells on co-workers, they are announcing their own belief in witchcraft. What I don't like is that if a person is having a bad day - and we all do at some point - they feel justified in blaming someone they know who practices witchcraft. How lovely to no longer have to take personal responsibility. I'm sure now that Carol is gone, her co-workers never have anything bad happen.

I hope she wins this lawsuit. Discrimination of any kind really need to stop now. We have bigger problems in this world than what religion someone practices, what sexual orientation they have, or any disabilities or race.

Again I want to send you all to go see Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom as she has really great posts for the 30 days of Advocacy Against Witch Hunts.

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