Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Review - The Peach Keeper

Right off the bat I want to say that Sarah Addison Allen is my favorite author and this story made me happy. That's right, the mood I felt when I finished this book was happy. I nearly turned to the first page to read it again, but I must be adult and get on with my other books that need reviewing.

There are so many secrets in Walls of Water, Paxton and Colin Osgood are twins and from a very rich family. Paxton runs the Women's Society and Colin is a landscaping architect who travels the world and comes home only when he has to. Willa Jackson runs an organic sporting goods store and is living her life trying to make up for how reckless she was as a teenager and young adult before her father died. She avoids the locals and usually keeps to herself or hangs out with other transplants in the town. Sebastian also grew up in Walls of Water, but when he returned he became best friends with Paxton and truly her only ally.

You will find romance and friendship and buried family secrets in this story. I love the town that has mist so thick that people catch it in jars to sell. Anyone not local can't even move around until it clears.

The characters are full of different dimensions and interactions that make it so realistic. Sarah Addison Allen also includes some real insight into all the different relationships, even the ones with themselves. How do you reconcile who you were in high school to who you are now? Are you fighting your own nature?

I could chat my way through this story, but I can't give it away. Read this story, you won't be disappointed. - $14.07
Kindle - $12.99
Barnes & - $14.04
Nook - $12.99

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  1. This sounds like a very nice read; who doesn't love those self-conflict stories that go as deep as they can?

    And the cover looks fabulous!


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