Friday, May 13, 2011

Review - The Tale of Asha Kindle - $0.99
Barnes & Noble Nook - $0.99
The Tale of Asha series is a collection of fantasy short stories following the strange adventures of the herbalist Asha and the nun Priya as they travel across India.
25k words | 100 pages

I really enjoyed this story. Asha is a smart, considerate and...well the only word I can come up with is calculating. She never does anything without her full wits about her. Asha was bitten by a dragon as a young girl, so she can hear the souls of all living things echoing in her own ear. She refuses to be called a doctor and refers to herself as an herbalist.

Each chapter is it's own adventure, where she first saves the nun Priya, then they help a possessed little boy and finally helping a young man who lost his wife.

It was a fast read, even with it's lazy pace. And please don't take that as an insult, it was a story that felt like a smooth, relaxing trickle, even when the reality is you can read it in a few hours.

So - for 99 cents, grab this for yourself!

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  1. Excellent Angie! Bitten by a dragon! Very cool! And it's only .99?? Have a great day! Sorry about the giveaway! Just a little late ;o) Take Care ;o)


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