Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review - Big Mamma Makes the World - $6.80
Barnes & Nobles - $6.29

This is by far the best creation story I've ever read. I bought this book before I even knew my current husband, much less had kids. It is about a woman with a baby and she creates it all. It follows much the same as the bible creation story, but with more feeling and less nastiness. She makes people because she is lonely, and I love how she makes the animals with one big bang, ordering any creature that wants creating to come on out now. Then people she makes with some leftover mud, all shapes and sizes and colors coming out together and each with their own story to share.

At the end she is in the sky baking cookies or taking care of her baby and she'll look down on us and either say "that's good, that's real good" or "better straighten up down there."

The pictures are endlessly fascinating as well. They take on the part of the story they are in. And so do Big Mamma and her baby. They are faded in the black of the dark, or blue like the sea, and even green when she makes all the plants and trees. And you can't help but love that baby, especially when he shakes a stick at some crows.

Some may not like that it is a creation story and doesn't follow the bible, but I don't think this was meant to be like that. I take it at face value, a lovely story. But I also think it is a testament to the creation that women do in their lives...I mean we create life...wouldn't the creator be a mother?

Please no hate, just stating it how I see it. I think you can get this book even if you don't have kids, as I said I bought it before I had any and it traveled with me non-stop over the years. Now it's my boys favorite book.

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  1. This story sounds wonderful! Even when the baby shakes a stick at some crows! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a beautiful day!


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