Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The "You Can't Be Missed" Meme, Part 1

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Which state do you consider to be the most boring state? tough question...Utah? No Iowa...isn't that the one that is just one big corn field?

2. If any chef from the Food Network (or any well known chef) could cater your wedding, who would it be? Alton Brown - without a doubt!

3. What's the last thing you ate that was red? tomato

4. Have you ever questioned the sexuality orientation of a close friend? well not so much questioned as was curious how curious said person was.

5. Everyone loses a friend after some big fight. Tell us about one. Oh the worst one was in high school, my bff said someone told her I was talking behind her back, which wasn't true and she slapped me. She came back later and apologized and said she found out it wasn't true and if we could be friends again. Ummm, no because she showed me just how much she trusted me in that moment.

6. Have you ever washed an iPod or mp3 player in the washing machine? No - but that sounds like something I'd do! I have washed numerous tubes of Burt's Bees.

7. Have you ever screamed / yelled angrily at a boss? no, but I have dreamed of it.

8. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes, last night after putting my crying baby back in his bed over and over while he cried "sorry mama!" - god that was rough!

9. Have you ever regretted being in a relationship with someone? Yes, that's why I got a divorce.

10. Have you ever acted like you understood something when you didn't have a clue? yes, but only if it isn't too terribly important that I know.

11. Have you ever thought someone must have been insane? If yes, tell us something about the person. well this person has dramatic mood swings so I am pretty sure she is manic, but has never sought help that I know of.

12. Have you ever pretended to be younger than what you are? No, not that worried about my's my gray hair that pisses me off.

13. Back in the day, did you ever cry because you were turned down for a date? No, I was too shy to ask. Then when I was old enough and I got a brush off, I just moved on. Had a guy come back for a hook-up after giving me the brush off and he got it right back. Sorry but if you don't have time for me, don't expect me to drop everything to come running.

14. Have you ever (or your significant other) had a pregnancy scare? oh yeah, that really motivated me to get on the pill. Oh and once a few months after I had CW. I called Chris at a party and had him get a test on the way home. I wasn' I didn't think I was pregnant at all when I found out I was having Ivan. He was a complete surprise.

15. Have you ever pretended to like someone when you didn't? Oh hell yeah, I do that way too much. But only with people I work with...and go to church with...and a few relatives. Only when necessary in keeping the peace. If I can avoid someone I don't like without it hurting someone I love, then I do that.


  1. Have you ever questioned the sexuality orientation of a close friend? well not so much questioned as was curious how curious said person was.

    This one peaked my interest very much!

  2. I think we've all dreamed about number 7 lol


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