Friday, May 20, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Pagan Culture and Riding on a Broomstick gave me this fantastic blogging award.

I'm currently riding the backward train to see what blog started it all.

So Riding on a Broomstick also received the award from Magaly at Pagan Culture.

This is going to be like a Begat kind of list.
  1. Pagan Culture received the award from Cheap Wine and Cookies and Mama's Thyme (she also received the award from Cheap Wine and Cookies and so ends here).
  2. Cheap Wine and Cookies received the award from Manager to Mom
  3. Manager to Mom received the award from Urban Granola
  4. Urban Granola received the award from Granola Mommy of 2
  5. Granola Mommy of 2 received the award from Mama Bird
  6. Mama Bird received the award from Nap Time is My Time
  7. Nap Time is My Time received the award from LiveWell, LaughOften, LoveMuch
  8. LiveWell, LaughOften, LoveMuch received the award from Always Just a Mom
  9. Always Just a Mom received the award from Mommy Time Out
  10. Mommy Time Out received the award from Ooh Lala...thirty
  11. Ooh Lala...thirty received the award from Tanya Treasure Trove
  12. Tanya Treasure Trove received the award from Little Izzy
  13. Little Izzy received the award from Classified: Mom
And with that I just can't go on anymore. lol So now onto 3 things about me before I send this out another 10 times. :)
  1. Getting paid to read would be my ultimate dream job.
  2. I started this blog just to be generally whatever I felt like talking about, but it has followed my bliss and become mostly book reviews.
  3. I giggle and squeal when a publisher sends me a book, or the author signs it first.
Now who do I nominate?
  1. Tribal Horse Designs
  2. Our Princess in Pigtails
  3. Octoberfarm
  4. Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom
  5. Confessions of a Modern Witch
  6. A Cozy Reader's Corner
  7. Lilith's Ramblings
  8. Bringing up Salamanders
  9. Bones, Buried Treasure and Beliefs
  10. Chickens in the Road


  1. Isn't it funny how our babies, um, blogs grow up to be exactly what we wanted? I started Pagan Culture to kind of educate the public about the life of real Witches. I had planned to write a lot of theoretical stuff, and before I realized it, my baby became the very eclectic journal of modern Witch: moi!

    Congrats on all your nominations!

  2. I can't believe you did all that research on what blog started it off! LOL! Very cute! Excellent that your blog has turned out to be exactly what you truly wanted! I can just hear you squeal! LOL! Have a great day!


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