Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Fifteen Movie Questions Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Movie you love with a passion. Supertroopers, I'm sorry but that movie never fails to make me giggle like a school girl.

2. Movie you vow to never watch. Oh there's been plenty, but usually I move on once I make that decision. Hmmmm, ok anything Miley Cyrus (and I had to use Google to spell that right!)

3. Movie that literally left you speechless. The NeverEnding Story

4. Movie you always recommend.

The 10th Kingdom
Watch a clip here - embedding is disabled on this one.

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie. Actor - Brenden Fraser / Actress - Sandra Bullock

6. Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for. Actor - Ben Afleck / Actress - Jennifer Lopez

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet. Actress - Ginger Rogers or Dorris Day/ Actor - Danny Kaye or Cary Grant

8. Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen. (Picture required!) Actor - Ewan McGregor / Actress - Jennifer Tilly - I think I answered this recently!

9. Dream cast. I don't really know, I read books and think they would be a great movie, and sometimes I think of people better suited to a cast member than who is there. Ok my biggest pet pieve, when reading the Harry Potter series, I just knew Lucius Malfoy should have been played by Julian Sands

10. Favorite actor pairing. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...sorry I just loved those 2 together. And I'm talking more than Sleepless in Seatle.

11. Favorite movie setting. New York...I'd never live there but it's a great place for a movie or a sitcom

12. Favorite decade for movies. the 1940s, my all time favorite movie is The Major and the Minor made in 1942.

13. Chick flick or action movie? Classic Chick Flick - Steel Magnolias, Classic Action movie - Rob Roy

14. Hero, villain or anti-hero? Hero - Lionel of Thundercats/ Villian - that purple prince from Voltron/ anti-hero - He-man and She-Ra, far too goody-goody.

15. Black and white or color? black and gets to the heart of the movie...only good for a very subtle good pic. If the director is coordinating the scenery as much as the cast then color might work better.


  1. Love this post! Fun answers!

  2. Now I know we'll be friends forever, you like Lion-O and think He-Man is just too weirdly good to ever be believable. Oh, and I've watched the Neverending Story more than ten times, and LOVE it. It has certainly influence my writing. And have you watched Inkheark, with our friend Brendan Fraser? If you haven't, you must! But do read the series first--it is one of my favorite young adult series EVER. I love Cornelia Funke. I'll stop now ;-)

  3. I love Danny Kaye!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

    Join us for Monday Mayhem

  4. The Major and the Minor? What about Bachelor Mother, one of my all time favourite films?

  5. What fun movie related questions and answers! We are a lot alike here, my friend. Have a wonderful day. Mina


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