Monday, August 1, 2011

Alternative Videos

I'm so far behind on my reading. The stress of the last week has been huge. But it's fairly resolved. Two toxic people are gone from our lives forever. Chris lost his job...for a day. He's now working part-time doing something he loves with lots of opportunity.

It's Saturday evening and I'm sitting in a Biggby with my life partner, and feeling the music. So I decided to share 5 of my all time alternative favorites. Songs that I met on the local college radio station years ago before I had CW.

1. Badly Drawn Boy "You Were Right"

2.My Chemical Romance "I'm Not Okay (I promise)"

3. Ben Lee "Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

4.The Living End "End of the World"

5. Green Day "Jesus of Suburbia" (this is a long one and not for the kids)


  1. Hi Angie ;o) I hope everything is going better for you and the family ;o) I enjoyed the Ben Lee video ;o) Take Care ;o)

  2. Glad your life is free of people who don't deserve you. And thank goodness hubby got work right away, and doing something he likes. And, my gods! Jesus of Suburbia is deep, especially the beginning. I was opened-mouthed...

  3. It is always a blessing to rid your life of toxic people. They are such energy vampires! How wonderful he got a better job (doing what he enjoys) and will have more opportunity. Hugs to you, Mina

  4. Glad things are looking up and I love the song choices. Many already know my love for MCR great choice.


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