Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review - Beyond the Darkness (Book II)

by: Leonard D. Hilley II

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Three years after Daniel and the other survivors escaped the terrorizing, blood-thirsty shifters in Pittsburgh, his friends have moved forward with their lives, but Daniel cannot. He believes the conspiracies within TransGenCorp have not ended and more shifters exist.

Then Daniel receives a phone call from Lucas that bolsters his paranoia.

Lucas is being charged with murders he insists his clone committed.

Daniel soon discovers darker atrocities are emerging, which not only place his life in immense danger, but all his friends as well.

First let me say thank you to Leonard Hilley II for letting me review the 2nd book in the Darkness series. I really enjoyed first book Predators of Darkness.

So the big question - did it live up to expectations? Oh hell yeah!

It's 3 years after those who survived were rescued from Pittsburgh. The main characters are trying to live happily ever after, but each of them has their own emotional scars to deal with. Daniel feels it the heaviest, the guilt and the fear that it isn't really over. I really felt so bad when he was right.

The biggest conflict with a character I feel is Lucas' clone - he has his own name in this book - Lucian. I love it! He's not really a bad guy, but he's controlled by bad people. I truly can't wait to see what is done with him in the final book.

I think you would be better off reading Predators of Darkness first, but if you don't Mr. Hilley puts enough back-story in that you wouldn't be completely lost if you started here.

Another 5 star winner. And I'm off to read the final installment. :)


  1. This book sounds amazing Angie, and thanks for letting us know to read Predators of Darkness first. I have to find some time!!! ;o)

  2. WoooHooo! I know how you fill girl, I love this book too. Didn't you just adore Morton and the ratty furry ones?


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