Monday, August 29, 2011

Citizen Insane

By: Karen Cantwell

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If you think PTA meetings are boring, then you haven't attended one in Barbara Marr's neighborhood, where MURDER is on the agenda. Join soccer mom and movie lover, Barbara Marr, in this second laugh-out-loud, chaotic mystery, where high-profile crime and suburban living collide in a most unexpected fashion.

The cover, just like her previous novel, is colorful and quirky. If I saw this as a paperback it would catch my attention. Looks like it is just an e-book right now. But on the bright side it's only $2.99 and worth every penny!

Can you read this if you haven't read Take the Monkeys and Run? Yes! There isn't really much that happened in the first one that she doesn't cover in this one. Like her husband isn't living at home and she explains that with finding out he's an FBI agent their whole lifetime together was thrown under the microscope so she told him that they should start over with dating.

Problem is she misses him dearly and even she thinks she was an idiot for suggesting it. Especially when she sees him dining with a hot blonde. And that's all I can say about this plot line. lol

A character from the previous book, Frank, a mobster who hated killing is back. He is free in exchange for helping the FBI and is turning over a new leaf. He is a chef at the yummy Italian restaurant and brings Barb baked Ziti along with an apology. Oh I hope he's here to stay, he's a hoot!

There are a few times in the book that make me laugh so hard (harder than other places) when Karen makes fun of it being a murder mystery. Like Barbara finding her friend missing and a note written in blood, she calls 9-1-1 and laments "why does this keep happening to me!?" And another friend in the story saying "We've become characters in a silly mystery book." Of course Peggy thinks that's great! Those scenes made me giggle.

Well the mystery is that Bunny and Michelle have a fight after a PTA meeting, the only one Barbara has ever attended. And later that night she gets a strange phone call from Bunny begging her to come over. Barb grabs Roz and they make their way over, when suddenly Barb hears a thump. They hit Michelle. Poor Barb thinks she killed her - but that's where the mystery starts. Police are holding Michelle's husband but Barb is certain Bunny did it. So - who done it? Read the book! You won't regret it.

And before I drop the 5 stars on this one I want to say BEST ENDING EVER!!! It made me all fuzzy and warm inside.

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  1. you have been reading some interesting sounding books. I enjoy your reviews alot


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