Friday, August 5, 2011

Review Guidelines

I am only one person, and while I do welcome guest blogs from authors of the books I review, I haven’t had a guest reviewer yet. That being said, it may take a few months for me to get to your book. I take my work seriously, but I have 2 young boys that get my priority.

My reviews will be shared on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Smashwords – if I can. Smashwords only lets you post a review if you have purchased the book and LibraryThing doesn’t have everything.

Fiction genres that I prefer are thriller, mystery, chick lit and paranormal. In non-fiction I do enjoy reading New Age/Occult, biographies, true crime, and history if it is well written and flows easily.

My reviews will be honest. If the book is great, I will say that. However, if the book is full of grammar and spelling issues, then even a great story will lose a star. It’s distracting to the readers. If you self publish, I think that is wonderful but you need to hand that book out to everyone you know with a red pen. (From Debora Geary – “hire an editor!”) If you can find an editor – do so, it really can make your book better.

My rating system is 1 to 5 stars. 1 being a very poor read and 5 meaning it was spectacular.

I will give every book I receive a fair chance. However, if the story doesn’t capture my interest after the first chapter I will not complete a review, and of course I will let you know. You may submit the first chapter and then send me the completed book if I am ready to review it.

The book must be published; I will not accept a book that I can’t also post a link on where my readers can purchase their own copy.

I will post a picture of the cover and a link – usually to Goodreads. I also link to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords (if applicable) to purchase a copy. Then I post a synopsis of the story from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If there isn’t a synopsis available at these retailers, please provide one with your submission.
You may post my review on your website, but you must make it clear that it is MY review and link back to my blog.

If you submit a book before the release date, I will do my best to get the review finished near that date. Also please let me know if there is a blog tour that I can participate in with the release of your book.

I accept physical and e-format books. Kindle is preferred, but I can open any file you have.

Submitting a Book:
If you would like to submit a book to review, please e-mail me at lilwolfmama (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include the title, your name (author if different), genre, short synopsis of the story, format you’d like to submit. Don’t forget to include any important dates. Also if you want to sponsor a giveaway to my readers include what you would like to offer and if it’s for US only (continental or all) or open internationally. You may also let me know if you’d like to submit a guest blog following my review.

I ask the guest blog to be about your interests. Really, you can write about anything. I haven’t set up an interview questionnaire because what I’d love to see is the author give just a little bit of themselves to my readers. Some have written about the story, others have written about how they balance their family and professional lives. Keep it clean and anything goes.

If you do have a website or blog that you want to get my readers to, don’t forget to include a link with your submission. I will post it along with the links to purchase the book.

Products for Review:
I have accepted products to review and I have enjoyed writing that review as much as a book review. Use the same e-mail as above, tell me about the product, include a picture or a link to the website it is available at, and when you’d like the review completed. If I say no it will be because I just can’t use it, and that wouldn’t allow me to write a fair review.

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