Friday, August 5, 2011

Review - The Game of Pawns

by: Leonard D. Hilley II

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Pawns are Expendable . . .

Twelve execution-style murders have occurred in Newark, New Jersey, in less than a week. Each murder has a calling card - a red pawn on each corpse. Kat Gaddis and Lucian investigate the homicides and discover the last four victims were employed by GenTech, a company that recently merged with Mech Cybernetics. After FBI director Mike Carpenter shares evidence with Kat, they soon discover political ties and corruptions that place Kat's life in direct danger. New players emerge and what seems like serial murders suddenly becomes a struggle for biotech knowledge and power. Kat is thrust into their game - The Game of Pawns.

Look at that cover...yes this story uses chess references in the war of genetic research. I had a hard time keeping everyone straight in this one. There were 2 different companies with 3 different bad guys...of varying degrees of evil. They are all in a race to create super humans to be used as soldiers, assassins or prostitutes.

Morton the cat is back to help his friends...of which there's a lot going on in there as well. Lucian is helping Kat find the people responsible for the bad stuff in the previous book (almost gave that away!). And then Lucas is in Nevada with Lydia when she is kidnapped with the command of the worst bad guy. So while Kat is working with the FBI on the Pawn murders and Morton joins them, Daniel flies on to join Lucas and his friends in the hunt for Lydia. Being that it all has to do with genetic research paths will cross. Oh and you have to read just to find out what Kyle can now do.

This is the last far. It was as different from the 1st two books as possible. The characters were the same, but the bad guys were different and the genetic creations were different and scarier. Also the central characters shifted, this was really mostly about Lucian and Kat.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with in the next one...there was a little hint left at the end. So now I just have to wait and wait and wait. Mr. Hilley - don't make me wait too long. :)


  1. I've cyber threatened Mr. Hilley several times. He better gets to writing and get me another Morton fix. I don't know how long I'm willing to work. I might morph into something mean and scary, and jumped him ;-D

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I am almost finished with the second book and already craving the 3rd. I just LOVE Morton with his totally kitty attitude. Have a great week, my friend!


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