Friday, August 19, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll is Undead (Veronica Mason, Book 1)

by: Rose Pressey

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Veronica Mason—lead singer of the rockabilly band The Voodoo Zombies—discovers her vampire bass player staked through the heart. A vision of the murder flashes in Veronica’s mind and she wonders if she’s going bonkers. Up until now her supernatural skills consisted of a few botched love spells.

Using her sexy voice and pin-up style has paid off, she’s about to land a record deal. But suspicion soon turns to her when another vampire turns up as nothing more than a pile of ashes a vacuum would have a hard time sucking up. Veronica has to hone her paranormal powers or lose her deal—and possibly her life.

When an utterly delicious mystery man steps in as the new bass player, Veronica can’t figure out if he’s there to help or cause more problems. What she does know is she can’t resist his good looks and sex appeal. She wonders if they’d make rockin’ music together. But helping the undead could stop her from finding out and leave Veronica dead—permanently.

Yes, this book is as quirky as the cover looks. Veronica is not only in a band with vampires, playing at vampire bars but she is a witch. And a very, very bad witch. Not evil, just not any good at it. The running joke is every spell she does she gets a tube of lipstick based on a spell gone wrong when she was 5, so her mom and her best friend are always asking her for lipstick. lol

I love the phrases Rose Pressey uses in this book, I realize she is from Kentucky but that's not so far away from it? Like saying the guys "are going to give me a hard way to go." We say "a hard time." And I laughed so hard when she said she was "wound tighter than my dad's flea market watch."

The story flows fast and you don't know who done it until pretty much the then you are JUST starting to suspect but she keeps throwing in curveballs. Very good mystery, very funny story and great paranormal rules. I like that vampires can have babies...she says they age until they are 25. Plus they can eat food it just give them nutrition.

It's fun, if you like mysteries or paranormal books you will enjoy this. If you like both you will fall in love!


  1. "wound tighter than my dad's flea market watch." made me grin ;-)

  2. This book sounds fantastic! Too funny ;o)

  3. This book sounds like too much fun! I am going to add it to my list. Thank you.


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