Monday, September 26, 2011

J'Adore New York

by: Isabelle Laflèche

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Offered the chance to transfer to her law firm’s New York City office, stylish Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert jumps at the opportunity—a fashion devotee with her finger on the pulse of style, she sets her sights on conquering Manhattan’s high-flying worlds of glamour, law, and love tout de suite. But soon, the non-stop New York minute filled with monster bosses, lecherous clients, and vindictive secretaries begins to take its toll. That is, until one handsome and powerful client begins to change her world for the better…only to throw it all into jeopardy with one surprising request. Perfect for fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Devil Wears Prada, and Sex in the City, Isabelle Laflèche’s breakout novel J’adore New York is a rollercoaster of struggle and romance from the city where dreams come true.

The cover shows a gorgeous woman with the most stylish pink suit-dress I've ever seen, you know you are in for a style conscious character. And yes, Catherine Lambert loves fashion! It plays an important roll to the plot as well.

So you know Catherine finally lands the transfer to New York she has been working so hard to get. She wants to become partner and is determined to work herself to death to get it. Okay not literally, but she works such crazy hours I lose the ability to see what the point it. If lawyers really work like that in the big firms, how very sad for them.

She has to keep learning the lesson that she can't trust anyone but a few clothes friends. The competition is beyond fierce, these guys make lions look tame...enough plot you have to read it to learn more.

The characters are all well written, the plot is thick. It's a great story. My only criticism is Catherine's voice. She is supposed to be French, but her name is pretty white-bread and the voice used in the story is written in regular American English with well-known french phrases thrown in here and there. I think it should have been written as someone from who had been living in France their entire lives would have spoken. It looks like the author is at least French-Canadian so I was a little surprised by this. (update: after thinking about this I wonder if the editors didn't take change the voice)

But after all that I don't regret reading it for a minute. It was a fantastic tale that I couldn't put down. Catherine must learn life lessons, fight for her survival and maybe...just maybe she will find love.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great review of my first novel! ( Merci Beaucoup) Isabelle XX

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