Monday, October 17, 2011


by Cook Coleridge, Franz Kafka

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“One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into an adorable kitten.”

Thus begins The Meowmorphosis—a bold, startling, and fuzzy-wuzzy new edition of Franz Kafka’s classic nightmare tale, from the publishers of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Meet Gregor Samsa, a humble young man who works as a fabric salesman to support his parents and sister. His life goes strangely awry when he wakes up late for work and finds that, inexplicably, he is now a man-sized baby kitten. His family freaks out: Yes, their son is OMG so cute, but what good is cute when there are bills piling up? And how can he expect them to serve him meals every day? If Gregor is to survive this bizarre, bewhiskered ordeal, he’ll have to achieve what he never could before—escape from his parents’ house. Complete with haunting illustrations and a provocative biographical exposé of Kafka’s own secret feline life, The Meowmorphosis will take you on a journey deep into the tortured soul of the domestic tabby.

This review is very hard for me to write. The cover is cute, and this is another of the Quirk Classic mash-up, and Kafka is a big name. Hey, I like cats, I was looking forward to this one. A way to get my classic lit into my reading diet.

I like the cat the original the guy turned into a big cockroach. So what Cook Coleridge did, worked.

However, Kafka...what were you writing? I think he is a writer that intellectuals say they love so they don't look stupid. The book didn't make any sense right from the beginning. The character is working for this awful company as a traveling salesman to work off his parents debt. Yet they live in a nice house with a servant girl??? And why would he HAVE to work for the company, just get the job you want and pay it off. Here's a thought, since Mom, Dad, and sis don't work, let them cook and clean. You would pay off that debt even faster!

So he wakes up one morning and he's a kitten. More afraid of losing his job than anything else. I'm pretty sure the morphing into a kitten would be my TOP priority. And even with the original cockroach I'm not sure what the point here is. Unless he's saying all salesmen are the most disgusting bugs...I think lawyers and politicians are worse. lol

I hate writing a bad review, but I do think I'd give Cook Coleridge another chance on his own work but and I are done. (Ok my husband just told me that it's an Absurdist novel and it's not supposed to make sense so I guess...job well done?)

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  1. Dont think i will be reading this book anytime soon .plot makes NO sense to me either


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