Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Everything Brainless is Dead

by: Joshua Price

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Captain Rescue and his arch nemesis are always at each other’s throats, but this time, Dr. Malevolent’s criminal caper goes horribly awry. The two are forced to put aside their differences and form an unlikely alliance to thwart mankind's undeadliest threat—zombies!

Great cover, but I don't remember any zombies coming out of the ground. The first part of the book is pure wackiness as Captain Rescue dashes in to save the day when Dr. Malevolent decides to rob the Bank...yes The Bank...biggest bank in town...actually from the way it sounded the ONLY bank in town.

Captain Rescue is a complete Batman without the brains...or stacked body. Dr. Malevolent can't believe who she has to work with. It takes nothing to put him in their truck and head off. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and somehow he gets lucky when the truck crashes at the police station.

No one is super smart, or strong, or even coordinated. Everyone is normal. Dr. Malevolent's father was killed when she was a little girl, and in her mind it was a big faceless corporation that took him out (ignoring the fact that he was a street vendor and probably just hit by a car). And Captain Rescue's parents were killed by dolphins, he swore to protect people from the dangerous mammal and grew up to meet this goal only to discover that they are actually quite docile. LOL And his cave? Under a urinal cake factory.

So the police confiscate all the evidence and Dr. Malevolent and her crew are put in jail. The guys inventorying the bank goods were not any better. One of them actually drank a dangerous green liquid, and yes that's what started the zombie apocalypse. I about died when Captain Rescue realized what was going on and unlocked the jail cell, shut the door behind him and then threw the keys outside the cell. Actually thought Dr. Malevolent was going to kill him.

So they band together, along with a psycho police officer named Freight and a talking zombie they nick-named Stubs (ok that was Captain Rescue) to save the world. Dr. Malevolent realizes that there has to be a world in order to take it over.

This book really tickled me. It was absurd, farcical, down to earth, and occasionally realistic (when that was an absurd concept). You will never find a zombie apocalypse this hilarious! And you know Dr. Malevolent has a large group of lackeys to take on death for the rest of the heroes - once Freight even throws one through a door to make sure it's not a trap - LOL.


  1. You are extremely detrimental to my budget. How can I keep myself from reading about "mankind's undeadliest threat?" Well, I can't. I'm on my way to feed my Kindle. I must read about "Batman without brains!"

  2. What a fun book ...will have to add to my list to read


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