Friday, October 7, 2011

Zonta's Applefest 2011

Last weekend, thinking of something to do with the boys on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we ended up at Papa's Pumpkin Patch in Mount Pleasant, MI.
We looked at the crafts, and the boys played in the pumpkin maze.
CW found a sand bucket in the parking log so we had to visit the sandbox to return it.
And then they were arrested for molesting the gourds.
After that we spent about an hour playing with the Thomas toys inside the barn. They have 3 tables FULL of Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks, of course it helps sell the hundreds of items they have available. (No, was not paid for this...I even had to buy my own food!)

After CW whined to the point that even Ivan was annoyed, we went back outside. Bought a bag of Doritos for each of us, and then a fresh doughnut for each of us, we headed out to the Corn Maze. On our way out looking for the way in (which was actually more difficult this year than finding out way out!), CW had to stop and see if he could find a ripe tomato.
And no, the hunt was unsuccessful, the tomatoes out there were there for a very good reason. YUCK!

So finally we got in and I let the boys choose which way we turned, hoping to stay in there longer.
After a few minutes, we were done. Although we did get some ears of corn. The boys were far more impressed with the corn than the maze and would have loaded the stroller if I had let them. We picked up 3 off the ground and that was it. In response CW ran away to the mount of Mount Pleasant.
This picture is much worse because he really was so far away. No way I'm going up a mountain after him, he'll get hungry or light headed and come back down.

Which he did - because he wanted to play on the fallen tree. Ivan was not that impressed and had me take him off IMMEDIATELY after I shot his picture.
I attempted one last photo shoot, but no one would cooperate:

so we gave up and went to Sam's club for pop and free samples.

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  1. Too sweet! My Piano Man the Little Princess and I are looking for a place to go pumpkin picking. We'll carve tomorrow!


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