Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to illness (my boys) and holidays (Thanksgiving), I am taking the week off. This week is going to be spent catching up on my new job, taking boys to the doctor and driving all over Mid-Michigan for turkey day.

Feel free to go through the archive and check out some of my Hidden Gems there on the right.

See you all next week. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

And if you go out for Black Friday...good luck and godspeed!
(image from Slap Upside The Head)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving my American friend ;o) Take Care Angie ;o)

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  3. Love the images, too cute. Hope the boys get better soon. I hope the time off allows to get a lot done.

  4. Happy turkey day Angie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the boys get better soon !!!!!!!!!!!!


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