Monday, December 5, 2011

Dead in a Flash

by: Alain Gomez

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

One moment you're here, the next moment you're gone. "Dead in a Flash" examines those last few precious seconds flash fiction style. That short amount of time where you experience your last... everything. Flash Fiction collection, approx. 2,300 words

Wow! I read this in less than an hour. I really feel like I know flash fiction now. Each story had to do with death, either the main character's death or someone that person was close to. One was the last thoughts of a man who fell off a roof. Another was a courtesan who was accused of treason and sentenced to beheading. I loved the pirate who was hanged. He was sad they covered his face, losing the sun and fresh breeze before his death.

I can't go on and on, seriously it's like 8 pages long according to the e-book. There are a bunch of stories, it moves so very fast you barely catch your breath before starting the next one. Great for a "bathroom reader" or a short will keep you occupied and entertained. Plus it's only 99cents. :-D

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  1. This sounds terrific!! I think I will be buying this one ;o)


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