Monday, December 5, 2011

A Reckless Witch

by: Debora Geary

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With great power comes great responsibility. So says the tradition of witching. One teenage witch missed that lesson...

As a child, Sierra Brighton traveled the world. She swam with the baby whales, danced in storm funnels, and lived in complete magical freedom. And then Momma died and Sierra ended up in foster care, an unhappy and very secret witch.

Fetched by Nell's spell, she'll no longer need to do magic on lonely beaches - but can Sierra learn to use her power safely? Or will her reckless blood put Witch Central at risk?

A Reckless Witch is book three in the top-rated A Modern Witch series. While each book tells a complete story, you'll enjoy the characters far more if you start at the beginning of the series. Debora Geary is working on several more books expected out in the next year, if the kids don't spill any more water on her laptop.

I love it! The cover is the same as the other "Hidden Witch" books but this one is purple. It's a great picture and it gives continuity to the series.

As for the characters, they are all so sweet and loving. There is no lack of love, fun and banter. They all love to tease each other. Sometimes it's a little high on the cheese factor but there are others when the characters are so sweet I would tear up.

The main character, Sierra, in this story is a powerful witch, but her mother was the reckless one. Sierra was never taught any safety precautions, and had no idea how her playing with the weather and water cause any backlash in other places in the world. When she found out, she was beyond discouraged. She was going to give up practicing magic. Everyone tried really hard to realize that she wasn't the reckless one and give her the care, support and training she needed. The first thing everyone did was give her a home and family who love her. Wouldn't the world be nice if we all did that.

Not to get all political, but this is what being Christ-like is. I just wish people who make the most noise about being "Christians" got that.

There are other big things in this book - but you have to figure them out for yourself. And you don't have to read them in order, but it helps with the characters. The real trick is meshing this with the other series she has started. :)

I adore these books, this one is no different. They are like comfort food. Perfect for a light read, and it will just lift you up.


  1. I have to get this book! I have to admit, I am not a reader, but this book really interests me!!

  2. I just wanted to say, I do read, but I just wish I could read more ;o)

  3. Wow! This is definitly going on my list of must reads. It sounds absolutley lovely and I do so agree that rather than judgement and dominion, people need to get the Christ-Like message for it is beautiful and pure. Hugs, sweetie!


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