Monday, January 16, 2012

My Planet or Yours

by: L.C. Evans

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Nora Bryant is a single Earth woman out to ban men from her life after a recent breakup. Triskam is a strikingly handsome extraterrestrial, who crash lands near her remote Arizona home. Add to this mix, a couple of misguided thugs looking for a gold rush, an overly friendly, not-so-guard dog, and a communications device that thinks it's a nanny, and you have My Planet or Yours?, a delightful new romantic comedy by LC Evans, author of the Kindle bestseller, We Interrupt This Date.

I was planning to review this book and We Interrupt This Date, because I knew I had that one to review. LOL - I already reviewed it. I will be reposting that review this week, though. I did purchase this book for my Nook to pump up her sales. L.C. Evans passed away this last week. She was a great writer and deserves it.

Now onto the review. The cover is cartoonish, honestly I love all these cartoon covers. I think they are cute and so much less serious than the ones using real people. I especially love the dog. In the story, Nora adopts Chance just before he was put down. He was supposed to be her guard dog, since she was back to living alone. Chance is not a guard dog...he's a lover, happy to see anyone.

When she gets back home she finds Triskam hiding in her shed, and as they are talking in her kitchen, some real bad guys show up. Nothing like getting held hostage to really bring people together. There was amazing chemistry between them from the beginning. Really from the moment Triskam laid eyes on her.

Since Nora had recently broken up, her friends weren't real supportive of her "dating" a new guy. But really, it was too late to spare her feelings...I think her friends should have minded their own business.

Minimal mistakes in this one - I love seeing that in the indie books. Plus L.C. Evans seems to write whatever she damn well pleases. This book has similar flow to We Interrupt This Date, but the characters and location and even the plot are all unique. She does write, strong and independent women...even if the women don't realize they are.

This book has about 469 pages, and I read it in a day. Can we say very fast pace? I started it on Saturday and finished early Sunday morning before I went to work. I would encourage anyone who likes romance with some humor thrown in to get this book...and I'm someone who doesn't really like romance as a genre.

And to honor L.C. Evans, to thank her spirit for sharing such warm stories...I'm going to buy one of you readers your very own copy of My Planet or Yours OR We Interrupt This Date. Just leave a comment on this blog for your entry. And the usual - grab my button and blog about this giveaway/review to get extra entries. Good luck! I'll draw the winner on Friday (Jan 20, 2012).


  1. I am sorry about L. C Evans passing away! I don't know too much about this writer, as you know Angie, I would love to read more! This book sounds like fun and it's not a lot of pages, so that's good! LOL! Have a great day ;o)

  2. Wanted to stop in and tell you hello and thank you for your constant sweet comments. You are such a lovely person. Hugs to you.

  3. That is very sweet of you, to honor her words--I'm sure she is smiling at you right now. I will read them both, just because you suggested it. Maybe I'll only have to buy one *wink, wink*


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