Friday, February 24, 2012

Cat Moves to Outer Space

by: Debora Geary and Shae Geary

Available at Amazon and if you have Nook or other e-reader you can purchase the Kindle version and contact Debora via her website with a copy of your receipt and she'll honor it. There are numerous benefits to being Amazon exclusive, but it's great she's honoring the readers choice too.

There were a lot of things Cat didn't know when she moved to outer space.

She didn't know the food was all made from squished beans. She didn't know there were mean kids named Weed. And she didn't know you had to keep your room clean all the time.

But her new friend Arkali is pretty cool, even if he's never eaten a real apple or met a unicorn.

Now they have a sick plant in the ship's biosphere, and even magic and rabbit-poop tea aren't helping.

Can Cat and Arkali find a solution?

Eleven full-page interior illustrations make this a fun read! Reading level is similar to Magic Tree House books.

I have attempted to read chapter books to CW, including the Magic Tree House series, with no luck. I started this a couple days ago, because I knew I needed to read it so why not do my and their reading at the same time? CW loved it! Ivan is still too young but he did like the pictures. CW didn't want me to stop. The first night we read to chapter 10...after he negotiated 3 more chapters. lol We read it in 3 nights. It's not a big book, less than 80 pages I think.

The pictures are pretty amazing too. They were drawn by Ej Lowell, high school student. I was amazed when I learned this...just today in fact.

The other sweet tidbit, this book was also dreamed up by Debora's 7 yr old daughter. Ahhh, all the poop makes sense! Actually, how it was used in the book was great, it was all about fertilizer.

There is a bit of witchiness in there too. Yeah, I'm going to add this to my Witchy Reading Challenge! It was easy to read out loud, and the story was enjoyable to all of us. Can't wait for more to come out. Too bad the illustrator has homework! Great book for boys and girls of all ages.

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