Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Character Interview for Faythe Reclaimed

LW – Please welcome Taylor from the novel Faythe Reclaimed. Taylor, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Taylor – Criminy! Nothing like putting a girl on the spot right off the bat, yeah? Um… well, I’m twenty-one, and I live in Hanaford Park, California. I love coffee, chocolate, Grey’s Anatomy and all things girlie.

LW – Where were you born?

Taylor – Perth, Western Australia

LW – What is your most cherished childhood memory?

Taylor – Probably the time my parents took me to Australia Zoo in Queensland. I had a major crush on the Crocodile Hunter. Like, MAJOR crush. I cried for days after he died. So sad.

LW – How old are you? And can you describe your appearance?

Taylor – I’m bloody hawt! A real sexy beast, lol. j/k! I’m twenty-one, about 5’7, and have long brown hair. Martha and Jessica refer to me as “exotic” which weirds me out a little. To me, exotic refers to snakes and other wildlife type creatures in the bush. I’m pretty comfortable in my skin, and Gabriel seems satisfied, so I’ve got no complaints.

LW – I usually avoid politics, but would you say you are more liberal or conservative?

Taylor – I’m with you on avoiding political discussions. I’m definitely more liberal, than conservative.

LW – Once you were over the shock of time travel, what did you miss the most from modern times?

Taylor – Running water and a modern loo. Relieving myself in a crude outside dunny was beyond gross!

LW – How do you plan to get yourself out of this situation?

Taylor – How do I get back home, or how do I deal with the loo situation? Lol! I really had no idea how to get back home. My main concern was survival. Living in a village with a bunch of bible thumping, holy rollers eager to brand people as witches was nerve-wracking and awful. I felt the smartest thing to do would be to lay low. Didn’t work out so well.

LW – What would you do if you were alone with Lucian (the one who sent you back in time)?

Taylor – I’d jab him in the throat! In all truth, though it’s easy to joke about him now that he’s dead, if he were alive, I wouldn’t put myself in a situation where I would be alone with him. Gabriel wouldn’t allow it. In fact, I’m pretty sure Gabriel would kill him. He doesn’t suffer maniacal assholes very well.

LW – Thank you so much for taking the time to share yourself with my readers!

Taylor - Thanks for having me! This was fun. G’day!
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