Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tarot Review: The Medieval Scapini Tarot

by: Luigi Scapini

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Scapini's intricate paintings capture the splendor of the Italian Renaissance in this gold-accented Tarot deck.
Cards, 78 pages

Published December 1st 2005 by U.S. Games Systems
ISBN 1572815078 (ISBN13: 9781572815070)
edition language: English
original title: The Medieval Scapini Tarot (Premier Edition Tarot)

U.S. Games Systems is THE company I think of when Tarot crosses my mind. They have so many editions out there, if you can't find what you are looking for, then you aren't looking very hard. I have dozens I am in love with. So when I asked awhile back for this one and Joie de Vivre Tarot, I was ecstatic to hear I would get not only these two but the Crystal Visions Tarot as well. I loved the other 2, but this one has a special place in my heart.

Since I first learned of it in school or TV (who knows which came first?), I have been enthralled with the Medieval times. This deck literally screamed at me more than any other deck I've ever come in contact with. The art speaks to me, and the pictures have so many intricate details, that they are easy to read.

Look at these cups. Each container has it's own story to tell. And I love that the cups aren't just goblets, these cards are filled with any kind of medieval vessel. On the coins, each coin has a different and unique image. The three of coins has a happy man playing a tambourine on one, Caesar on another and Venus on the third lined up next to a statue of a man who reminds me of da Vinci.

This deck is about a time in Western history that is still held dear today (Renaissance festival anyone?), has detailed images that are full of color, fun and are sometimes very serious. They have gold inlays and are printed on light-weight cardstock in Italy. In fact all three decks I received were from Italy. They must have a contract with a printer there. LOL - at first I thought it was because of the creator being Italian.

I think this deck would be great for beginners. It's so full of imagery that anyone is going to get something from it. And if you don't want to read the tarot but enjoy art, you'll still love this deck, as it's inspiration is Medieval and Renaissance art. As for this deck...I'm keeping it! :)


  1. Great review, I'm always on the look out for facinating decks and this one fits the bill! I just posted a review on a historical deck too. I love the decks that make me feel conected to the past.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your blog post.

  2. Wow,

    A wonderful post and the artwork in this deck looks amazing!

    I love medieval times, I also love my arthurian deck, it's a beautiful set of cards that capture the imagination and the legands of king Arthur.

    It sounds like this deck has found you... :-)

    1. Oh how cool! I love King Arthur! :) I'll have to check that out.

  3. Great review Angie!!! I have always wanted a deck, so I appreciate it when people do reviews. I love the medieval times as well!


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