Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review: How David Met Sarah

by: Anne Kelleher

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The heartwarming story of a young man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a young woman with autism. Written from the point of view of the young man with Down Syndrome, this book has been endorsed by the National Down Syndrome Society and has been praised not only for its accessiblity, but also for the insights it offers into the world of the developmentally disabled. How David Met Sarah was inspired by the author's own brother, a 36 year old man with Downs' Syndrome. Find out more about us at

I've been dying to review this one, but Anne and I kept missing each other. So when she posted it was free for the holiday I grabbed it up! I'm really glad I did.

The synopsis says "heartwarming" and it really is. David works in the mailroom of a large company and he loves his job delivering the mail. Everyday before work he stops at a diner and gets an egg sandwich. He has tons of friends. Everything is going great until he meets Sarah. Not that this is a bad thing, on the contrary. David falls in love, and Sarah likes him too. The tricky part is that David is quite social and Sarah has autism and doesn't do well around lots of people.

It's very simply written, and the flow of the story never slows down. Sometimes it came off as too simple, but the descriptions are vivid and the pace doesn't wait around for you to complain. David has a very full life and lots going on. This is a story that will leave you feeling good. Yes, there is conflict within the story but I don't want to give too much away. You'll just have to read it yourself.

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