Monday, July 2, 2012

The Last Dragon of the North

by: Tony Chandler and Virginia Chandler

**Originally reviewed for Pagan Writers Community.**

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Owain Armstrong has been hired to hunt down a red dragon that is killing livestock across Wiltshire . The only evidence is a bloody patch on the ground and the head of the dead animal. Owain begins to track this nocturnal predator when news of another dragon comes – a much bigger dragon.

During his journey, Owain meets up with the famous dragonslayers of the Northern Band: Katja is a beautiful blonde who is deadly with a crossbow; Erik, a massive man that is short in temper and always eager to fight; Lars, a man who is equally as cunning as he is strong and finally Edlund, their leader.

When meeting Owain, the band of weary slayers long had been on a quest to kill the last dragon of the north. But then word comes to them from the Green Dragon Inn about a monster - a dragon - that lives inside the mountain behind the Inn.

And for a price, anything is possible...

Bad fantasy is just bad, but good fantasy rocks! And this was fantastic. So many details, and it was dirty and scary and far more realistic than any other dragon book I've ever read. It answers questions such as "If there were really dragons why haven't scientists found the bones?" and "Really, a huge reptile and one knight in shining armor can take it down single handedly?"

The characters take their time opening up too, this really keeps the story fresh as they are traveling around after the last dragon. Plus with five main characters, it allows loads of time for them to develop and deepen. I really disliked Owain at the beginning, but came to love him by the end. Lars is another one I liked, I think I just loved the name Lars...and speaking of Lars...who has ever combined Vikings and Dragons? Ok, I'm not especially well-read in the fantasy genre, it may have happened, but I haven't seen it yet. And who doesn't love Vikings and Dragons???

So yes, if you want a great fantasy read that is going to let you immerse yourself into the story for a few days, The Last Dragon of the North is it. And I'm hoping, as there was a hint, there may be a continuation of this story. I will be waiting in line for that one!

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