Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Review: To Have and to Code

by: Debora Geary

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Nell Sullivan is fiery, easily distracted by cookies, and doomed to wear the peach monstrosity at her best friend’s wedding.

And she’s a witch.

Daniel Walker is a former baseball player turned bored hacker looking for a challenge. Hacking Nell's online gaming world is going to get him a lot more than he bargained for.

A prophecy says they will make babies together – but when it comes to the love life of a modern witch and a hacker, prophecy might not get a vote.

I swear, Debora's books is like eating warm chocolate chip nutella cookies. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I always receive them when I really need them, too. It's always a great follow-up to anything dark. Even full of witches, they are full of so much light.

I love that we get a good look at Nell and Daniel, two central characters that don't get too much face time. They are parents of the sparkly triplet girls and the most powerful witchling to date.

This goes into how they meet and ultimately get hitched. And I'm not sorry about giving something away, this was written after we already know them as a couple. Still a wonderful story to read. Especially since Nell is such a powerful fire witch and Daniel is a muggle (hey do you like the cross reference?).

Run and grab this sweet witchy romance.


  1. The cross reference is rather appropriate, so I do like it ;-)

    I loved this story. You know how I feel about romance, but this one tasted just right!

  2. Now this does sound like a lot of fun to read. ;-) Hugs, sweetie.


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