Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Product Review: Shadow Witch

Do you love getting prizes in the mail? I do! Shadow Witch sent me these little beauties. My only regret is I only have my camera phone to capture them. This first shot shows these gorgeous hair combs - they look so something a flapper might wear from the 20s. Speaking of retro, she crochets pillbox hats now! She also made me these earrings, the best I've ever seen. All the pretty blues, my favorite colors! And they hang down a bit, but are so light.

Next up, she made these 2 horse protection charms for the boys. And I'm not saying they work, or whether or not I believe in the magic - we know how persnickety E-Bay is about that right now. But I do know that since hanging them up in the boys' room and telling them they were sent to protect them...they are going to bed easier. Well CW is, we are still working on Ivan. But Ivan does touch and kick around his - which is shown below. And it does calm him down that way.
And finally this little baby. I thought it was a hat for a baby-doll at first...and I thought and thought, and duh! It's a bowl! lol It's a wonderful autumn colored bowl which is now the centerpiece on my kitchen table. I'm glad I got Chris to move the mixer off it finally!

So go see Shadow Witch at her E-Bay store and see what treasures she has available. I do know she's been working on witch hats, pillbox hats, berets, . What is really sweet, are the mini-witch hats she makes, great for decoration!

Egads! I almost forgot she also sent me a huge selection of vintage cross-stitch maganzines. Christmas, Fall/Halloween, and Spring Cross Stitch magazines. I love the Stockings, but I'm not sure about the sewing part. lol Wait...I know someone who sews, maybe we can team up! Shadow Witch has vintage knitting, crochet, and cross stitch magazines. And did I mention the jewelry? Up, this woman has a little bit of everything!


  1. You lucky girl! I stopped by, and the witch hats are pretty nifty. I might have to get one when she needs a black and red one ;-)

  2. LOL.........I will stitch up a red and black one by light of moon this weekend :)

  3. Oh Angie, how wonderful! Shadow Witch makes such beautiful things and you just know they are charged with love. Hugs, Mina


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