Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review: The Green Knight's Apprentice

by: Virginia Chandler

Available for purchase after October 17, 2012.

This is not a tale about the Green Knight, but his apprentice. Although honestly apprentice isn't the right word either. Rhowbyn is a bard's son, who follows his father the night The Green Knight visited King Lott's castle. He is then taken to serve with the Green Knight and learn all the mysteries surrounding the old ways.

After a few years, he is there to assist the new Green Knight, who just happens to be Sir Gawain of King Arthur's court. Rhowbyn helps Gawain learn the ropes, how to visit with the Faery folk and the steps to go through for all the high holidays in order to keep the fields sharing their bounty.

Unfortunately those darn kings don't think there's quite enough work to do and war is on it's way. Through all this, Rhowbyn learns of his own history and strengths, even as he moves further into his own adulthood.

It's a very good fantasy read, with a pretty fast pace. However, my only complaint is that sometimes the pace is just too fast and not enough information is shared. But if you love fantasy and King Arthur stories, you'll be happy with this book.

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