Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: Mommy Blogger

by: Carla Caruso

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One baby, one lie–and a whole new career. Stella lands a great job as a mommy blogger. The catch is she’s never had children. Plunged into a world of insanity every mother faces, she must learn to cope as her lies build upon one another. A sexy ex comes into the picture, forcing her to choose between him or the job and a handsome ‘keeper’ of a coworker. It can’t last forever.

This was really kind of cute taken as a whole. As it started, and she started digging that whole with the lies...I started getting annoyed. Stella knew she was going to get in trouble, but she kept moving forward. Honestly, it's not full of surprises, but when I was done...I had enjoyed myself.

It's got a fast pace and isn't very long. I would classify this as Romantic Comedy. And since the beach season is pretty much over, let's call this a great travel selection!

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