Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review: An Imperfect Witch

by Debora Geary

Another series! I'm so happy. Debora's Witch Central books are like soothing balm after dealing with the real world. There is so much love and laughter. Lizard is back in this one - yeah! Josh is still with her, but he is losing patience. She needs to relax and let him in. Her problem is she doesn't like to plan ahead - she never really knew what her life would be like the next day much less the next year. But hopefully he can get her to just go with the flow more, take risks. And yes, commitment is considered dangerous to poor Lizard.

She also gets a big surprise in this book. And really, I won't spoil it. You'll have to read it yourself. This is very light reading, especially after reading something depressing. I'm now halfway through the next in this new series - An Unlikely Witch. It's just great to see all the characters that we know and love and catch up as their lives keep moving forward.

And Debora Geary is an exclusive Amazon seller, but she will hook you up if you need a Nook version. Simply purchase the Amazon e-book, e-mail ( her the receipt and she'll e-mail the file back to you.

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