Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Review: Lost Lake

Lost Lake by: Sarah Addison Allen

As I said yesterday, I love this author. This book felt a little different from her others. There's always been something painful for the main character, but it felt like the wound was deeper in this one. What's worse than your husband dying in a tragic accident? Said death happening immediately after deciding to divorce him. She was completely blown over by what I think is not only grief, but guilt as well. When Kate finally wakes up she is overwhelmed by where her life is heading. Her overbearing mother-in-law isn't helping matters. She must figure out for herself what would be best for her daughter and for her.

She finds a postcard from her great-aunt that really takes her for a turn. She had visited as a young girl. The trip was magical and there was a very special boy. Her aunt told her to come back anytime and even though it's 20 years or so later, she takes her aunt up on that offer.

I enjoyed the story, which covered not only Kate but some of her aunt's life and some of her aunt's best friend. She uses such descriptive language to move through the story. It's like watching a tapestry come to life. You can read this without having read the short story, Waking Kate. But it does give you more background on Kate and her family.

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  1. Oh, what a tragic story, but how wonderful that she tries to get her life back together, and it sounds like she succeeds. A perfect example of the human condition. Hugs sweetie, Mina


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