Monday, May 12, 2014

Book Review: Love and Other Foreign Words

by: Erin McCahan

This is a young adult book, about a teenage girl. I never think I'm going to like these, but then again quite a few surprise me. This is one of them. It's very original because it's not about some pretty, popular girl who whines because she can't go to the mall. This book is about an awkward girl who is super-smart and really doesn't understand people. Her family and her close friends know her quirks but when she has to deal with new people, she doesn't know what the right thing to say or what the correct reaction is.

Dear god, I thought it was just me. I wasn't nearly as smart as Josie, who is taking college classes part time while she waits to finish high school. But the awkwardness around people, that was all me. It was enlightening for my own experience to realize I wasn't alone. Also some of Josie's quirks are things I see in my son Ivan. It really gave me perspective on parenting him. Not only dealing with some of his issues in the now, but realizing that if I just relax and accept him just as he is, that he may outgrow the bigger issues.

Josie still has her moments, and it really comes out when her sister comes home with a new fiance. Josie hates him, really hates him. I don't like some of the things the fiance says, but her parents talk her through things and encourage her to figure it out for herself. I cried toward the end because...well you'll just have to read it. I don't want to spoil it.

It's really a great book for young and old. There's a smattering of romance, and lots of laughs, too!

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