Monday, June 9, 2014

Book Review: The Walk-In Closet

by: Abdi Nazemian

Seriously great book. My heart is breaking for the main character, Kara. She shares a duplex with her best friend...who is also gay...who also can't tell his Iranian Persian family. They assume she is his girlfriend, that she will be their daughter in law someday. She has nothing better going on, and truly she adores Bobby's family. But you just can't miss that it isn't fulfilling her.

She feels like she is just gliding through her life. And honestly she is. Bobby's family supports him, as an unemployed writer. They bought the duplex, they buy the cars, they even pay for the vacations. But when they up the anti, to hint without much subtlety that they are ready to be's just too much. She loves them, loves Bobby...but even her friends are telling her this just isn't right.

There is also a serious twist that I will not divulge. I just couldn't stop reading, horrified and hopeful. And that's what you take away, hope for Kara and Bobby...and his whole family.

Oh yes, I do recommend this book.

You can find it on Amazon.

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