Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: The One and Only

www.emilygriffin.comby: Emily Griffin

This is going to be one of those reviews that proves I tell the truth. While I did enjoy the writing, it kept my attention. It also creeped me out.

The main character, Shea, loves football. She lives for it and is very attached to the local college team, coached by her best friend's father, Clive Carr. She has known this friend since they were babies. Their parents were close friends. Coach Carr probably changed Shea's diapers along with his daughter. Ok, have I painted this picture well enough?

After the funeral of Carr's wife and some mourning, romance brews between Coach Carr and Shea. Naturally the friend takes serious issue with this. I think enough time passes, but the idea that this guy has known Shea since she was a baby is creepy. I side with the friend who is livid, btw.

Granted, it was well written enough to keep my attention, but the whole romance made my skin crawl. Shea is all mad at her friend, and I'm thinking "how selfish can you be?" This relationship is completely inappropriate, how can you not see that?

I won't tell you more, but it's a romance novel, so...

That being said, this book is also full of lots of football. I'm not joking when I say Shea is obsessed. I've read other reviews where women were turned off by this aspect. If you aren't into sports, that alone might make it hard to get through. I just glossed over that stuff. I'm not into football, but Shea's passion for it does come through.

Not the worst book, not the best book. If a book is really bad I won't be able to read it. This did hold my attention, but more like watching a train wreck. So there is entertainment shock value. lol

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