Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review - Fluff Dragon

by: Platte F. Clark

This is book 2 of a 3 book series. The first book is Bad Unicorn - and yes, I encourage you to read it. It was a fun book and it gives the back-story. I don't think this would do well as a stand alone story. So seriously, stop reading this and go read Bad Unicorn if you haven't already, I'll wait.

Welcome back! Now in Fluff Dragon we are introduced to some new creatures. Fluff Dragons, of course, which are dragons that accidentally "put their clothes on inside out." We know dragons can take on human form, sometimes when turning back it goes wonky and their scales are facing in, and when that happens the Escutcheon's Scale keeps reflecting the magic back in and they get really small and they are really stuck.

Fire Kittens, Loki and Moki to be exact. Moki is hilarious! He's overly excited by everything, seriously everything. Even prison excites him. Lesson to be learned here, about living in the moment. Moki is the happiest character, by far.

Max is in trouble, now that they have traveled back to their own time, the Codex is no longer working. It randomly sparks at Max and he can't read anything. It has killed his magic. But he uses the downtime when they are trying to fix it to memorize the names of spells, he's a really bright kid. Now if they can only get the Codex working again and defeat Rezormoor Dreadbringer, in order to save the dragons.

It's another fantasy novel for kids but filled with so much zany adventure that adults are sure to love it, too. I'm not just saying that, my husband groaned just as much as my 9 year old did when story time was over. lol

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